Ambergau - Immobilien Ihr Experte für Grundstücks- und Objektakquise
Ambergau - ImmobilienIhr Experte für Grundstücks- und Objektakquise  

Proactive support in finding real estate for international companies in Berlin and Brandenburg

We search and find office spaces for start-ups, international institutions in the education industry or young companies that are attracted to the capital city of Berlin, due to its good social and also infrastructural networking.



For more than 10 years, we have been brokering commercial properties such as seminar rooms, office and training space in the metropolitan region.



Our main focus when looking after foreign clients is German land registry law, tenancy and usage law (lease), administration and management - this is the basic framework of our work.


We see the orderly and reliable course of a lease or purchase, in particular the assumption of responsibility for organisational duties (e.g. compliance with all legal requirements) as a prerequisite of good project management.

Professional communication with international clients, partners, employees or official authority’s (translating) and the timely provision of documents or the content-related preparation and summary of required information (reports or accounts of all kinds) is an essential part of our service.


Our core competence in the field of real estate acquisition:


  • Needs analysis and budget - by submitting a precise requirements profile, we can narrow down your space needs and the available opportunities on the Berlin market and make the appropriate property selection for you accordingly.


  • Space profiles and equipment - we work with you to develop a suitable concept of how your desired space profile and the necessary equipment details can be implemented in the respective space.


  • Rental contract negotiation and conclusion - we are always with you, we negotiate the rental and/or lease contract on your behalf, we advise and mediate between you and the owner.